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Computer Support for All Apple® Products

Intellamac ComputerWe offer a broad range of services for Mac© users at all levels, and at very reasonable rates… whether you’re a home user, a business, or a school. We can offer you simple, insightful advice, training and support for all your Macintosh related needs. We also offer insight to the advantages of using a Mac OS X environment in the larger, enterprise-level business – even in mixed platform environments. Also enjoy the reliability and security of Mac OS X in at home, school and work.

We want you to get the most out of your Apple products. With offering hands-on training, you get the personalized help that classes just don’t offer. No matter if it is an Apple product or software by some other maker, we can guide you though accomplishing your goals.

Also, if your Mac isn’t acting the way is should, an on-site technician can make your computer happy again. We offer all levels of trouble shooting diagnostics, maintenance, and security support.

Just contact us – we will help you out.